Honey Bee

October 10, 2017

I saw a honey bee buzzing around the beautiful flowers at the end of the summer season, and whilst in the middle of the most stressful exam period, I found myself thinking: ‘I want to be as free as that bee’.


This year, studying medical humanities, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, which I think was the expectations involved in studying and succeeding in medicine. I now feel free to use my creative side, and I have finally found the time to invest in this part of my life, because it is integrated into the medical humanities course itself. This newfound freedom, alongside my desire to travel and see the world, led me to write this song, based on the freedom I originally saw in that tiny little honey bee.


This composition also combines my love of composing music with my passion of photography. Anyone who knows me has experienced me saying "wait, stop, I need to take a picture" - I will get my camera out at any and every opportunity. The photos in this video are a selection of pictures I have taken on my travels over the years.





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