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Reflections and creations surrounding healthcare, the arts and humanities

About The Journal

This journal is a documentation of my creative journey during my year of studying Medical Humanities. It is about widening my perspectives and broadening my horizons, which I believe the medical humanities serves to do very well. This journal tells a significant amount about who I am as a person. It has given me the freedom to express my thoughts, as well as the time to invest in being creative. My main creative passion lies in music, with numerous audio recordings of my compositions and performances interspersed throughout this blog. The journal has also given me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and to explore my creativity in novel ways, including poetry, creative writing and art.

The journal has 4 overall sections:

1) Medical Humanities - a new beginning

2) Poetry

3) Perceptions - what do people think?

4) Music

I hope you enjoy reading and listening!


I am a Medical Student at the University of Manchester. I am currently taking a year out after my fourth year of Medicine to study a masters degree in Medical Humanities. 

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