Consolation by Franz Liszt

November 22, 2017

All of the music in this journal was played and recorded by myself.


This is a piece that I love to play on the piano when I feel stressed. It is so rhythmical yet so calming. I initially learned this piece the year before I went to medical school, and it has stayed with me ever since. It is this piece that makes me think of the difference music can have on the mood – it is so uplifting and provokes such emotion with its beautiful melody and chords.


Putting this piece in my journal has made me think about it from a different perspective. I think this piece is quite representative of life: it is repetitive yet always changing - it has its dark moments, but also bright ones, and always returns back to the same theme from the beginning, which may represent home, familiarity and belonging.


This piece will stay with me probably for the rest of my life, certainly through any stressful times to come in my medical career. It takes me away from everything in that moment and takes me right back to memories of sitting at my favourite old brown piano back at home.




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