Lullaby for the Awakening

December 28, 2017

This piece of poetry set to music was produced by collaboration of a poet, Philip Wells, and I, a musician. Written at Christmas time, it tells a the story of the birth of Christ from a different perspective. I also produced a piece of ink-pen artwork in response to the poem, as displayed below.



As this journal has encouraged me to think about things from a different perspective, I decided to apply this to my thoughts about this Christmas period. With a faith in Christianity, the story of Jesus' birth is very familiar, but when I thought about it, I realised that the nativity story of Christmas is often over-glamourised. This poem, written by Philip Wells, strips this all away, and writes the nativity story from a very different perspective. It is raw, honest and beautiful. I worked alongside him to set his words to music. I have left the chords in place to illustrate where the music fits with the words.



Bm            Gm

Newborn, every dawn.

A                            Bm
Sunrise: lamb's open eyes.

Bm                        Gm
Manger-boy, stranger-boy,

A      Bm
Refugee –

Bm                   Gm
What you do for the child

        A         Bm
You do for me.


Bm                    Gm

Mother's love, holy dove:

A                              Bm

Light below and light above.

Bm                      Gm
Far from home, fearful,

A                      Bm
Always on the run –

Bm                  Gm
The newborn gift

A                  Gm
Glitters like sun.


Bm               Gm

Stablelight, donkey-fur,

A                 Bm
The oxen's radiant gaze:

Bm           Gm
Baby in a linen

Huddle & Swaddled

In nurturing rays.

Bm                       Gm

Shepherd stars, sacred sheep,

A                              Bm
Humankind our quantum leap:

Bm                    Gm
Manger-boy, stranger-boy,

A      Bm
Refugee –

Let every child

Come to me.


F#                F#/Bb

Dusty feet, humble straw,

          Bm                    G7
Bring in the poverty king:

Rest your feet,

Nestle deep –

G7                     E7
Snuggle in my arms

         G7     E7
Like angel wings.


Bm                    Gm

Mother's calm, mother's palm,

A                        Bm
Fingers soft as lullabies

Cheeks of light,

Cheeks of down –

Daddy's weeping

Silver eyes.


Bm            Gm

Newborn, every dawn.

A                             Bm
Sunrise: lamb's open eyes.

Bm                    Gm
Manger-boy, stranger-boy,

A       Bm
Refugee –

Bm                    Gm
What you do for the child

        A         Gm
You do for me.


F#                       F#/Bb

Let every child come to me:

Bm         G7

F#                          F#/Bb
stranger-boy and Refugee –

G7                              E7
What you do for the child

G7               E7
You do for me:

A                                 Gm

Let every child come to me

A                                   Bm
Let every child come to me.




-Words by Philip Wells-

-Music by Jess Duckworth-

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