What I will need to remember you

January 8, 2018

 This is the first poem I have written in a very long time - probably since GCSE English. We had a workshop on poetry, then we were let loose in the Whitworth Art Gallery, with a task of constructing a list of 16 objects that we found on our way. We then created a poem using these objects. 


I feel like I learned a lot from this exercise. I love the fact that it made me write something I wouldn't otherwise have written. Writing this poem made me realise that it is so much easier to be creative when we have stimuli from the external environment. I will definitely use this technique when writing creatively in the future.


Here is my list of objects from the Whitworth Art Gallery:

- A T-shirt

- A piece of wood-work

- Coffee beans

- Chest of drawers

- Vinyl record

- Knitting needles

- A gold medal

- A choir stand

- Sketchbook

- Bath tub

- Mirror

- Coal

- Clock

- Old armchair

- Blanket

- Flat-cap


Poem: What I Will Need to Remember You:


A T-shirt pristine, ironed 3 times over,

An oak chest of drawers, built with a carpenter’s eye.

A dusty gold medal, a race once won,

A hazy mirror, not quite recognising the person staring back.


An armchair, the arms worn down where elbows once rested,

A soft blanket, rough around the edges,

Knitting needles needlessly waiting, still waiting.

Cold coal resting in the fireplace, longing to glow once more,

A flat-cap hanging helplessly on the coat stand, lingering in anticipation for a head to rest on.


A music stand, with manuscript still mounted,

A bath tub, where many generations have rested their souls,

A record player, with only one record,

A clock, standing still, time has stopped…for now.



-When constructing this poem, I realised I was unintentionally sculpting it around the figures of memories of my four grandparents: Nana, Grandad, Grananne and Umpah-


















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