November 30, 2017


Music is my passion in life. If I wasn’t studying Medicine, I would definitely be doing music. Probably not a music degree – too technical for me. My dream is to be in the music industry, and to be able to play my own songs and write new music as my career. How amazing would that be. I still have my days, rather frequently, where I think I should have gone down the music route. Whenever I go back to music, it takes me to such a happy place that nothing else can take me to. It’s such a special and important part of my life that I know I don’t give enough time to, which I know is due to the time pressures of studying medicine. If I do continue down the medical route and don’t pursue music after medical school, I definitely want a medical career that will allow me the time to spend doing music. It is so important to continue doing what we enjoy outside of our day-to-day jobs. Hopefully we enjoy the jobs too!


For me, the choice between pursuing music or medicine has been a battle between the stable and the unstable. The predictable and the unpredictable. The secure and the incredibly unsecure lifestyle. At the end of the day, Medicine leads to a secure, predictable and stable job, whereas music does not. I am definitely a person who needs security to feel at ease, I like knowing the direction I am heading in. This is what led me to choose medicine, as I think it suits my personality better in this respect. Of course, don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy medicine. I love it – it’s exciting, always learning something new, and incredibly stimulating. And the people are just fantastic – I have met some of the most wonderful friends on my journey as a medic. But there will always be a part of me that longs to be doing music.


Music is, and always will be, what I enjoy the most in life. It takes me to a place where I forget about everything. Sometimes I can sit at the piano for hours, writing music, and not even notice that any time has passed. It gives me such satisfaction when I come up with a beautiful chord progression or melody-line, or lyrics that tell such a story. I also love the recording aspect of music – getting the perfect balance of instruments and vocals and producing a finished piece.


This section of my journal includes a variety of pieces of music including both classical and contemporary songs. Some I have written, and others are piano pieces that are meaningful to me, or that I simply love to play. Recordings can be found on my online journal site.


The drawing at the top of the page combines my newfound enjoyment of art with my old-time love of music 

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